Posted by on July 30, 2018

The Association wishes to pass on our thoughts and prayers to the family and the Arrowhead IHC in this time of loss and remembrance. There are no words which can completely convey the sadness each of us feels when we hear of the passing of one of our brothers. Many of our membership have lived through events such as these and with each new death we remember and relive the pain and sadness of each incident. The coming weeks will have many sad challenges for the family and crew. US Hotshots stand ready to offer whatever support we can to the family and crew.

For our current IHC brethren remember to take time in your travels and support one another by being open about what’s happening within your crews as they process this and other incidents. Work together to help each other process this and the many other incidents we have already had this season. In Peer Support they talk about maintaining our Natural Support System; the people and activities which get each of us through each day. The best natural support system for an IHC on the road is another IHC. A group of folks you are living the same life and working through the same challenges you are.

Take a moment to support each other and keep the IHC family strong as you all work through this season.