Posted by on February 16, 2018

Hello from the US Hotshots Association

One of the core reasons for starting our association is to reach out and support hotshots and their
families in times of need. This note is to alert you, the members of our US Hotshots Association
mailing list, that we are endorsing a Go Fund Me account for “Team Bode”.

Bodie Joseph Jones was born to Charlie and Holly Jones on December 27th, 2017. He was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence. Bodie’s daddy, Charlie Jones, is a Captain on the Tallac IHC of the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. Charlie has not been at work since Bodie was born as he has been devotedly at his son’s side. As you can imagine, the bills are piling up and we want to help.

If you could please take a moment and review Bodies site there are links to send notes of encouragement or, should you wish, financial support to the family. Any financial support you give goes straight to the family, the US Hotshots Association does not charge a fee or receive any percentage of your donation. The US Hotshots Association wants to thank you for joining our mailing list and taking an interest in Hotshots everywhere.

Take care.
Kurt La Rue; Acting President US Hotshot Association

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