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Photo credit: Kari Greer. Rough Fire; Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP, Sequioa NF and Sierra NF, CA, 2015

Photo credit: Kari Greer. Rough Fire; Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP, Sequioa NF and Sierra NF, CA, 2015

The following list provides you with links to various resources widely used by the wildland fire community.

Geographical Area Coordination Centers

Listing of the US Geographical Coordination centers. Here you will find intelligence reports, geographical situation reports and all wildfire related news within the geographical area.

Situation Reports

Links to national situation reports.

IHC Status Reports

Here you will find status and current situations reports of Hotshot crews. What incident their assigned to and what their status is.

Incident Tools

Links to incident management tools. ICS forms, maps and predictive services.

Intelligence Reports

Links to local, national and international wildland fire reports including all risk. Some links are in real time.

International Links

International wildfire links. Other countries intelligence reports and general wildfire information.

State Agency

Links to various state wildfire agencies.


Links to various wildland fire training websites.

Hotshot Websites

Listing of all US Hotshots crews websites. Here you will find information about each specific Hotshot crew in the US. (If you don’t see a crew listed, it’s because we don’t have or couldn’t find a listing for that particular crew. To add or update a listing please reach out via our contact form with the crew’s updated listing.)

Wildfire Jobs

Links to wildland fire job portals.

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  1. Vince Chavez
    July 31, 2017

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    I am a member of the Zuni Hotshots

  2. George Geissler
    November 3, 2017

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    Just a note for your list of resources:

    Oklahoma Forestery Services website is

    This includes Daily Situation Report and Conditions

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