Posted by on November 5, 2017

A U.S. Hotshots Association Endorsed Fundraiser

The U.S. Hotshots Association has endorsed the following fundraising campaign to support a fellow hotshot in need. You can review their request on our website by clicking on their YouCaring campaign below and reading the specifics of their request. Any support you give to the campaign is voluntary and the U.S. Hotshots Association takes no percentage and charges no fees. All of your support will go directly to the family making the request.

This one is personal. We’ve lost a legend and our U.S. Hotshots Association president, Stan Stewart, to cancer on November 4th, 2017. Stan had been a mentor and father figure for 30 plus years of Los Padres Hotshots; he was a friend to many hotshots and superintendents throughout the western U.S. Stan, aka Bone, aka Bonehead, aka Milton was a true man’s man. He was also a loving husband and father. Stan’s wife, Allison and their 14 year old son Shane have accumulated an overwhelming amount of medical bills. The main goal with this fundraiser is to help Allison and Shane with these bills.

Check out the YouCaring campaign for Stan Stewart

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