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As many of you involved with the US Hotshots Association may know, we are attempting to grow the outfit, and develop a fund-raising revenue stream with the hopes that we can be of financial assistance to our Brothers & Sisters that find themselves in need, due to medical emergencies, and other financially crippling events that strike without warning. In addition, it is a long term goal to also be able to offer Scholarships in the name of our organization.

As part of that effort, I have been tasked by the US Hotshots Association Board of Director’s, to put together an annual calendar to be sold to further that goal.

Here’s what I need:

Photos of Hotshot crews engaged in line construction in various fuel types, working with dozers, helicopter delivery of crews, firing, burnout operations etc.. And of course, the always popular shots of crews being supported by heavy airtanker drops. Don’t rule anything out. If it is part of the Hotshot world recorded in photos, we want it.
I have received some photos that are obviously copyrighted, with markings on the photos. I can’t use them without a paper chase to obtain permission, so I don’t want them.

Twelve photos will be selected for the 2018 Calendar, and a “photo bank” will be established for future production, hopefully with new photos added annually by crews nationwide. The immediate goal is to produce a calendar with photos accurately depicting the many-faceted challenges that Hotshot crews deal with on a routine, and sometimes extraordinary basis. In addition, dates and locations of events with particular “Significance” to the Hotshot World will be noted on the calendar.

The goal is to have this Calendar available prior to Thanksgiving, to make it available for friends and family as a Christmas gift for those who may be connected to someone in our line of work. Or, just the “groupies” who wish they were.

If you have quality photos of the above in the highest resolution digital format you’ve got. If in doubt, send it anyway.

Email photos to:

With that, I wish you all a safe and productive fire season. My thoughts and prayers go with you all on the fireline every day.

J.W. Allendorf

P.S. Get other folks to join this worthwhile outfit!

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