The purpose of this raffle is to support the fiancé and daughter of Charles Morton.

All proceeds received will go directly to them as the beneficiaries.

Charles Morton and Family

Charles Morton fundraising raffle.

The U.S. Hotshots Association is able to facilitate this raffle through a partnership with and the generously of P.O. Bahn & Sons who donated this chainsaw.

This raffle would not be possible without their substantial contribution and support they’ve provided. P.O. Bahn and Sons have built a history of reaching out and the U.S. Hotshot Association in accomplishing our mission.

Designed and built exclusively for forestry personnel and tree service professionals (Hotshots), the MS 500i is the first ever chainsaw on the worldwide market with electronically controlled fuel injection. With its excellent power-to-weight ratio, this saw is an impressive piece of equipment for pros looking to take on tree felling, bucking or delimbing operations. Thanks to its unique fuel injection system, the MS 500i delivers rapid acceleration. Combining innovative technology with world-class engineering and durable construction, the MS 500i is another great addition to the long line of legendary STIHL chain saws. Comes with a 32’ light bar. MSRP is $1800

Tickets for this raffle is $25.00 each or  6 raffle tickets for $100.

Each $25 donation will receive 1 entry. To improve your chances in winning spend $100 and you will receive 6 entries. Only the donations made through this specific campaign will be eligible.

Here is your opportunity to support Charles’ fiancé and daughter and also be the winner of this outstanding prize.

A winner will be selected and notified shortly after the virtual raffle closes.

The U.S. Hotshots Association encourages firefighters from all backgrounds to purchase tickets for this chainsaw where the money will go to a good cause.

Purchase options: Us the donate buttons on this campaign or follow one of the links below.

Thank you for the continued support!


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