U.S. Hotshot Association Fundraising Endorsement Application:

Another avenue for USHA support comes through our endorsement of qualifying private fundraising and crowdfunding accounts such as GoFundMe and YouCaring. With the widespread use of social media we can now reach out to an ever-increasing number of people worldwide, and make these situations known to the greater Hotshot community. Campaigns meeting our support criteria can request to have a link to their fundraising initiative posted on our USHA web page, which will include a notification sent out to those on our mailing list. Contributions to any given USHA-endorsed fundraising campaign are completely at the discretion of any individual on our mailing list and wider network. The U.S. Hotshot Association collects no percentage of the monies raised, and there is no fee USHA fee for this opportunity to spread the commo to our fellow Hotshots, who may be able and energized to support others. Check back here, or monitor our New and Events page, for currently endorsed campaigns.

Criteria for endorsement:
It is important to our members that any endorsement is properly vetted. Please use the contact form below with your fundraising endorsement request. T


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