Evan Adsit

Evan Adsit, A close friend of the Folsom Lake Veterans Crew Overhead has recently been diagnosed with Cancer at age 38 and is undergoing chemotherapy in the Boise area as of last Saturday. He could use some help via donations to a GoFundMe website(posted below) and most importantly through some positive thoughts. Evan is currently an Alaska Smokejumper, a former Midnight Sun Hotshot, and served as detailed Overhead on the Vegas Valley Veterans Crew, helping to provide support and leadership during the early years of their Veterans program


As you know our line of work is not a glamorous one, nor is it terribly lucrative by comparison, but I do believe it lends itself to generosity and care for one another, especially care for our own. What separates us from the rest, beyond the smoke, the hard work, and the grit, is a bond that is forged on the fireline. There is no greater payment I have ever received in this job than the overwhelming sense of pride earned from being able to support those in need whom we have shared these working and life experiences with. Evan Adsit is one of us, and I humbly ask for your generosity now, no matter how small. Feel free to throw an FLVC by your name on GoFundMe if you’d like. Also please feel free to share this on social media.

Here is a bit more about Evan and the amazing human he is:

Someone asked me during our College years, “What is Evan Adsit like?” I answered without hesitation, “He is the person I respect most.” Evan has been an incredible friend, mentor, and adventurer. The list of his experiences is long and noble. He was a catcher and captain on our baseball team at Skidmore College. He has served as a fireman with the Midnight Sun Hotshots and as a Smokejumper. He has traveled the world providing humanitarian relief to those in need; even performing small operations on people and animals (not at the same time). He has flown airplanes, climbed some of the worlds highest mountains, delivered baby horses (or whatever they’re called) and lambs, worked as a salmon fisherman, tapped maple trees in Vermont, attained his skydivers license, built houses from scratch, felled enormous timber across the western U.S., once beat a Masai Warrior in a wrestling match (which probably made things awkward in the tribe for a while), scuba dove for sea cucumbers off the Alaskan coastline, worked for a veterinarians office, is a hunter-poet, is currently a passionate but questionable musician, served as the reverend at my wedding, and has an affinity for bad oysters. And, oh yeah, after twenty years of close friendship and many shared experiences and adventures, he is still the person I respect most.

Evan has never been defined by the things he has accomplished, but by the amazing, compassionate, and generous human being that he is, and that’s why I am asking for your help. To all those I have crossed paths with over the years and who trust my judgment (or not), THIS ONE IS A KEEPER. I humbly ask for your help and support for our friend and brother Evan. Thank you.



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